The Paleo Diet is awesome. The diet is a great blue print for eliminating junk in our diets, cutting down on unnecessary carbohydrates, and increasing your nutrient intake. Heck, a lot of people even have a lot of success eliminating symptoms from autoimmune diseases and helping to reduce digestion issues and our bodies’ inflammatory response. This is a list of awesome things about Southern California that make eating Paleo oh so difficult.

Reasons Why Living In Southern California Makes It Hard To Be Paleo

1. MXN / Cotija’s / Hole In The Wall Mexican Food Shopfresh mxn food

Hi, I’d like a pollo asado burrito, please. I don’t care what kind of food list you’re looking at, San Diego has the best Mexican food in the whole entire country. Even people in Los Angeles frequently admit that our burritos are better than theirs. Sure, a burrito is full of unnecessary calories, but every once in a while it sure is delicious. There is no shortage of hole in the wall Mexican food shops to pick up some sort of amazing burrito you can get or even better yet – a fish taco. Throw on some salsa, and you’re good to go. It just provides for some excellent fuel for a So. Cal. surf session.
2. Chips and Guacamole

chips and guacamoleAside from Mexican food, if there’s another thing California is known for it’s our avocados. On a hot afternoon there’s nothing like enjoying some buttery avocados blended to make the perfect guacamole. What’s better yet is some salted chips to go along with that. I’m sorry, but sometimes life is just too short to not be able to enjoy the simple things in life like having chips and guacamole during happy hour at a restaurant overlooking the ocean.
3. Fiji Yogurtfiji yogurt

Sometimes it’s hot outside – okay it’s usually always warm and sometimes you just want something cool to eat. I love Fiji Yogurt, and if you don’t know what that is then you’re missing out. What’s not to like about soft-serve frozen yogurt that you can serve yourself and even add your own choice of delicious toppings?
4. Sushisan diego sushi

I grew up in Hawaii, and I have to honestly say, it wasn’t until I moved to Southern California in 2002 that I’ve come across the best sushi that I’ve ever had. Since San Diego is such close proximity to being able to get fresh cold water fish and warm tropical fish, there’s no shortage of amazing sushi spots. Southern California is also the melting pot of all melting pots – there’s no shortage of culture and you can find some of the best sushi chefs out there in this region. Not a fan of sushi? There’s something wrong with you.
5. Temecula Wineries

wilson creek winery About an hour or so outside of any major populated area in Southern California is the area known as Temecula – Southern California’s Napa Valley. The area is known for its grapes that churn out varietals such as Viognier, Syrah, Pinot Gris, Cabernet, Merlot, Zinfandel and Sauvignon Blanc just to name a few. If the Temecula region on a weekend day isn’t your thing then you can always just hop a flight a few hours north to Paso Robles (my favorite) or Napa Valley. If a wine weekend isn’t your thing then there’s always the plethora of….
6. Craft Breweries

ballast point brewery In the last ten years or so San Diego has pretty much become the mecca of craft beer production. In fact, San Diego produces so much craft beer that it’s now in the top five monetary producing revenues for the County of San Diego. It’s not that we produce so much beer, it’s the quantity that we churn out that’s the problem – it’s delicious. It’s tough adhering to a Paleo type diet when you’re graced with the presence of Ballast Point, Stone, Port, Lost Abbey, and Green Flash breweries just to name a few. With the nice beaches, sunny weather, and choices in amazing food venues, sometimes you just have to say no to anything resembling a healthy diet.

What’s your vice? We all have one.

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