Have you ever been stuck at work next to that person who looks like they should be on their death bed? Here is a simple list of things you can do to keep from being that annoying sick person. Please do your part to help from being disgusting and keep from getting other people sick.

How To Keep From Getting Other People Sick
(and from being that annoying sick person)

1. Wash Your Handshand washing

Despite all the modern science advances, nothing helps prevent the spread of illnesses unlike hand washing. Unless you missed what I just said, hand washing is still one of the number one ways to prevent the spread of disease. So why don’t you do it? It’s easy. It’s effective. And it helps to keep me from getting whatever nasty runny nose type thing you have going on. It’s also easy to do: You MUST use WARM water and lather your hands with soap and wash for at least twenty seconds. Don’t be that annoying person carrying around your germs in your hands for everyone else to use.

2. Cough/Sneeze Into Your Shoulder/Elbowsneezing

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been walking around in public and have either seen people coughing without covering their mouth or just simply sneezing into open air. Do you know how disgusting you look when you do that? I can assure you that nobody wants whatever germ infested droplets you’re coughing up. Not only that, but please use your sleeve if possible. If you use your hands to cover your mouth you just spread your nastiness to everything you touch.

3. Stay Home From Work sick at work

One of the worst things you can do when you’re sick is to actually show up to work. There’s nothing worse than watching that person leave their nasty tissue around from blowing their nose constantly all day long. Please save your pile of tissue for home instead of leaving it around the company computer. It’s even worse when that person is hacking up a storm with their disgusting sounding cough or sneezing all over the office. Next thing you know everyone in the workplace caught the company bug. Have you no decency or concern for other people by showing up to work when deathly ill?

Hopefully these three things will keep you from being that annoying sick person and help you to do your part to keep from getting other people sick.

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