Time for the best and worst Health and Fitness News from the week. This weeks edition: recipe of the week featuring banana cinnamon pecan parfait, should you give your kids dairy, how rosemary extract can help with diabetes, how fish oil pills can prevent brain damage in alcoholics, what happens when you’re pregnant and Obama comes to town, and how a high carb diet can kick start cancer. All that and much much more….

Health and Fitness News Via The Blog World

I love dairy. But it’s not for everyone (especially for those who are not of European descent). Should you give your kids dairy.

Have you ever had a colonoscopy? At some point in your life it’s a good idea to have one. This blogger is chronicling her experience.

Recipe of the week: Banana Cinnamon Pecan Parfaits via Primal Bliss.

Our blast from the past: How To Do A Turkish Getup.

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The Best Health and Fitness News

A while ago we wrote about the health benefits of rosemary. To add to that, a recent study has shown that the extract from rosemary can aid in diabetes prevention. In other diabetes news, researchers in Japan have found that high salt intakes were associated with a higher risk for heart disease in diabetics.

In the world of fish oil, a new study conducted in rats suggests that for those with higher alcohol intakes, fish oil can reduce inflammation in the brain.

Do you or anyone you know take the blood thinner known as, Pradaxa? You might want to reconsider. It was recently leaked that the pharmaceutical company responsible for the medication found that the company withheld vital information in regards to the drug’s safety.

How ahigh carb diet can kick start cancer.

Seven fad diets you shouldn’t tryStudy suggests Tylenol doesn’t reduce lower back pain. Doctors have treated Tylenol as the gold standard for acute low back pain but a study from Australia found that Tylenol works no better than a placebo with acute low back pain.

The Worst Health and Fitness News This Week

What happens when you go into labor when President Obama is in town? You’ll be forced to sit on a bench until his motorcade is over.

What went wrong here: a man sues a hospital for a wrongful penis amputation that was supposed to be a simple circumcision.

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