Time for the best and worst Health and Fitness News from the week. This weeks edition: recipe of the week featuring mango avocado salsa, how your desk job is affecting your health, why I’m not a fan of sit ups, how the CDC uncovered smallpox hiding in its basement, why the price of chicken is about to go up, and much much more…

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It’s summer – let your children run around in the sun.

How Your Desk Job Is Affecting Your Health.

Recipe of the week: What’s better than avocado mango salsa? Probably nothing.

Your Living Body Blast From The Past: You can read all about why I don’t believe in sit-ups.

The Best Health and Fitness News

1. Whey Protein before meals can help improve blood sugar control. Interestingly enough, the meal the study looked at was breakfast. People often why I’m big on BIG breakfasts that include a hearty portion of protein – this is one of the reasons why. Just cereal or the likes of oatmeal won’t do it.

2. A less obvious study: It’s not just overeating but lack of exercise that contributes to weight gain. Who would’ve thought?

3. The heart may be more forgiving than we think. Do you have poor nutrition habits that took up the most of your twenties? If you pick up healthy habits in your thirties or fourties, you can stop or potentially reverse harmful damage done to your heart.

4. Good news if your a cyclist: a study confirms that there is no associated risk of erectile dysfunction and time spent cycling.

5. Five simple habits that you can change to help you have more energy.

6. As if soaring beef and pork prices weren’t enough, the price for chicken is about to go up as well. How’s that economy working out?

The Worst Health and Fitness News

I’ve never quite understood individuals whose philosophy is aligned with a large government that should be capable of solving all of humanities’ issues. It’s just my humble observation that the larger the government gets the more problems that tend to occur.

Take this for example: an employee over at the CDC was cleaning an old storage room with what apparently was old cardboard boxes. Stashed away inside the cardboard boxes were decades old vials containing the smallpox virus. You read that correctly – vials containing the virus – not the vaccine.

Because of the smallpox vaccine, the disease has been (for the most part) eradicated for quite some time. The fact that vials of the virus were left laying around should scare anyone. As millions and millions of people are not immune to this deadly virus.

What kind of repercussions should take place here? Smallpox is deadly enough but what if the virus was….?

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