A few weeks ago I mentioned I was doing the 2014 Camp Pendleton Mud Run in an attempt to beat my race time from the 2013 Mud Run. After all the circuit training, hill sprints, and long distance runs, here’s how things panned out.

2014 Camp Pendleton Mud Run Results

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Camp Pendleton Mud Run, it’s basically the mother of all mud runs. Despite the new trend of races which include the Tough Mudder and the Spartan Race Series, the Camp Pendleton Mud Run originated in Southern California more than twenty years ago and has still been going strong.

The Big Bummer

I’ve done this race a few times within the last several years – and honestly, this race is still one of the best Mud Runs around the San Diego area despite the number of Mud Runs that have been popping up over the last several years and even in despite of the Super Spartan race that I did.

This year the race organizers decided to change up the course a little bit so comparing the time from last year kind of went out the window. Last year my race time was just over an hour and thirteen minutes for climbing through obstacles, running through mud pits, and trekking up and down Southern California hillsides.

2014 Camp Pendleton Results: Just over an hour and fifteen minutes. I attribute the course change to my longer time this year (otherwise I would have smashed it…haha).

New Additions To The Race:

mudrun2This race featured a few different additions to the race which weren’t seen in previous years. A couple of them included:

1. Sandbag Overhead Press Station
2. Leg Lunge Station (basically where you had to transition from running to about a 15 yard lunge set then back to running).
3. Push Up Stations (areas where you had to transition from running to a specified amount of push ups).

Post Race Thoughts:

For the time being, I’m decreasing the amount of cardio work that I’ve been doing and spending more time in the gym with the weights – getting my strength back up and getting back to what I enjoy most – surfing.

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