Time for the best and worst Health and Fitness News from the week. This weeks edition: the Paleo recipe of the week featuring minted mandarin orange and beet salad and slow cooked Moroccan spiced tomato chicken, the harmful (questionable) effects, what you can do to of children eating too much cereal, the analysis of the oldest piece of human stool, how the consumption of energy drinks may have contributed to a 16 year-old girl’s death, and much much more…

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How much stuff in your life do you really need? Before you do anything, consider if it’s really essential to your life or not.

Paleo recipe of the week featuring slow cooked Moroccan spiced tomato chicken via Health Home Happy and minted Mandarin orange and beet salad via Green Lite Bites.

Paleo advice from the experts: How To Get Started On The Paleo Diet.

Your Living Body blast from the past: the post that started it all: what’s in PAM cooking spray?.

The Best Health and Fitness News

1. What happens when you take a look at the oldest human piece of crap? You find out that ate a whole lot of meat – and vegetables too. This one will probably set the Paleo community on fire.

Read: Study Shows Primal Man Did Not Consume Splenda Heheh…

2. How many energy drink consumers do we have out there? Might want to check out on the sixteen year-old girl who had a heart attack after consuming energy drinks all day long…

“She just loved her Red Bull,” said a friend.

3. More of the good news: New York’s ban on sugary drinks has been ruled illegal. I’ve often said that the government shouldn’t mandate what kind of foods we put down in our body – especially when it comes to junk food.

The Worst Health and Fitness News This Week

Here is how to turn a positive into a negative: This article here featured a piece on a recent report stating that children might be getting too many vitamins and minerals. The reason: consumption of too many fortified foods such as cereal and energy bars.

Here’s how a simple message gets lost in the title. What if the title were to read: “Children Consume Too Much Cereal,” because let’s be honest, that’s what it really comes down to – kids consuming too much cereal and not enough real food.

That’s all for this week. Have something to say about it all or did we miss something? Let us know.

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