Time for the best and worst Health and Fitness News from the week. This weeks edition: Recipe of the week: Fluffy mushroom souffle omelette. Twenty ways entrepreneurs can immediately improve their health. How heels are terrible for your body. The disgrace in an Oregon city using aborted fetuses to generate electricity. All that and much much more.

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Are you the entrepreneur type? Here’s a list of twenty ways entrepreneurs can immediately improve their health. Don’t forget there’s more to life than just building wealth.

Find out a woman’s rebuttal on an article explaining why heels are “good for your core” (heels are terrible for your feet.

Recipe of the week: Does your omelette need a jumpstart? Give the fluffy mushroom souffle omelette a try via Real Food RN.

Or there’s always: backed chili sweet potato chips via Paleo Mom.

The Best Health News This Week

Finally some good news from the FDA, as they announced new rules regulating e-cigarettes. The move is going to ban sales to minors, require warning labels, and also require Federal approval.

For those of you who don’t read our site regularly, I wrote about the health risks of e-cigarettes here.

Are there potency problems with the whooping cough vaccine? Or are the rise in cases of whooping cough due to a decrease in vaccination rates? That’s what Long Beach, California is trying to figure out after a drastic spike in whooping cough cases.

In other vaccination news: measels incidents are the highest in about twenty years.

Creepy? Or just a good idea fueled by modern technology? For those of us who work at hospitals we frequently encounter patients who are unable to take their daily medications (for a variety of reasons). An implantable medication device may be the future. The microchip would be preloaded with a mediation, implanted in the body, and would be programmed to administer a specific dose at a specific time. The doctor would also be able to adjust the dose or even stop the drug altogether all via a remote control. And what other things might they be able to do?

The Worst Health Fitness News This Week

I’m not sure if the should fall under the best or the worst category but in Marion County Oregon a waste facility was using materials imported from Canada which contained aborted fetuses to generate electricity.

A few weeks ago we also reported how select hospitals were using the same discarded fetuses to generate electricity in the United Kingdom. Turns out, we’re guilty here as well. This is sad. This is disgusting. This should be a moral outrage.

Anyway, the county commissioners gave “approval” to stop the incinerator until procedures are put in place to ensure fetal material is not burning.

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