A major blow to the heartbreaking story of Justina Pelletier and her family happened Tuesday March 25th. The judge involved in the case made a ruling that gave full custody to the State of Massachusetts and took it away from her parents. Now it is up to the Masachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) to determine when the teenage girl will return to her parents (if ever) and her medical care will now be decided by the government. This is a huge blow for parental rights when it comes to healthcare.

Justina’s Custody To Massachusetts

We first brought you the story of Justina Pelletier several weeks ago. The story involves a teenage girl who was diagnosed with a disease called mitochondrial disorder. Her parents took her to a hospital unfamiliar with her case away from their home state of Connecticut and it would be the worst mistake they made in the care of their daughter. The new hospitalists disagreed with her original primary care physicians and believe her illness to be psychological in nature – essentially made up in her head. As her new (and forced) medical team held her medical regimen Justina went from an active teenager who enjoyed ice skating to a wheelchair bound girl. Justina’s parents tried to step in but the hospital had them removed by security from the premise and the state took control of her care. For over a year now the Pelletier family has been entrenched in an ongoing battle to regain their custody and regain the health of their daughter. They suffered a major blow as a judge awarded custody to the DCF. You can read here for a more detailed description on the history and course of Justina’s illness.

The Problem With Boston Children’s Hospital

Boston Children’s Hospital has stripped Justina and her parents of any rights. They have made her a permanent patient because of their theorhetical diagnosis – all as Justina’s health continues to fail. They have done this all while her original primary care physicians from Tufft’s in Connecticut have told her medical doctors in Boston that they are wrong. So far the only released evidence of parental problems regarding Justina’s parents are from a court document stating that they have been “verbally abusive to the staff” at Boston Children’s Hospital – well, wouldn’t you if they kidnapped your child?

Here’s an excerpt of what Boston Children’s Hospital can do to your child once they take control of them:

Boston Children’s Hospital Clinical Investigations Policy states:

“Children who are wards of the state may be included in research that presents minimal risk or greater than minimal risk with a prospect of direct benefit.”

Unless you absolutely NEED to take your child to the hospital, I would stay well clear of Boston Children’s Hospital. If you’re interested in how you can help the Pelletier family visit their Facebook Page or visit the Free Justina website.

Discussion: What Do you think of the DCF and Boston Children’s Hospital?

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