A while ago we brought to you the heart breaking story of Justina Pelletier – a young girl who was ripped apart from her family by the State of Massachusetts. We wanted to give you an update on how the young girl is doing and update you about the battle her family continues to fight to regain custody of their daughter from the state of Massachsetts Department of Children and Families (DCF).

Update: Please see here for the latest on Justina Pelletier.

Background Of Justina Pelletier

For those who aren’t familiar with the case of Justina Pelletier, she is a young teenager that was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease. She was being treated by a team of specialists in her home state of Connecticut. In February of 2013 she came down with the flu and her parents (knowing those with mitochondrial disorder decomensate quickly) took her to her home medical center in Connecticut, Tuffts. When they arrived the specialists recommend she be transferred to Boston Children’s Hospital where one of her GI doctors was located. When she was transferred all hell broke loose. A new team of doctors took over the case and disagreed with her medical diagnosis given by her mitochrondrial disorder specialists. The new team of doctors believed Justina’s case was psychological in nature and not medical.

When the parents learned of her new psychological diagnosis they refused to accept it. That’s when the Massachsetts Department of Children and Families sstepped in and removed the parents from the hospital premises. They accused the parents of overmedicating her daughter and the DCF awarded custody to the state of Massachusetts. The parents were devastated and a long legal battle ensued. Meanwhile, with Justina without her medical treatment, she went from an active teenager to being wheelchair bound. For more details on the Justina Pelletier case read our article here.

The Latest In The Justina Pelletier Case

After the family being exhausted of funds they finally spoke out to the media. Shortly afterwards a judge issued a gag order against the father for taking the story to the public. After hearing the story millions began to speak up about the atrocities being commited by Boston Children’s Hospital and the DCF many began to speak up. Constitutional laywers from the Liberty Council jumped on board the case and shortly afterwards the DCF dropped its gag order on the father. Dozens of law makers from Connecticut to Massachusetts stepped in urging the state to release custody back to the parents.

Recently, Justina was transferred back to Tufft’s medical center in Connecticut with a team of doctors still following her from Boston Children’s Hospital. The parents on the other hand, are still without custody of their daughter. On Friday March 21, 2014 a judge again delayed a ruling that would decide if Pelletier could return with her parents to her home. The judge is expected to make a ruling on Tuesday March 25. Meanwhile, the torn apart family awaits while Justina sits in a non-medical facility under the management of Tufft’s care.

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