This week’s edition of the best and worst in health and fitness news is out. This week: Recipe of the week featuring: broccolini paleo flat bread. See what happens when someone gives up dairy for five weeks. Check out the latest drinking game. Do nicotine patches help pregnant women kick the habit of smoking? Must have blood tests. Does smoking pot around kids make someone a bad parent? All that and more…

Health and Fitness News Via The Blog World

See what happens when one gives up dairy for five weeks.

Paleo recipe of the week: <,a href="">beef and broccolini paleo “flat bread”.

Blast from our past: must have blood tests.

The Best Health and Fitness News

1. Another Win For Fish Oil

A study of 300 Japanese men over the span of five years had far lower coronary artery calcification (which leads to heart disease) than American men. Men in the United States had three times the coronary artery calcification than the Japanese men. The study looked specifically at fish consumption – in Japan the men consumed on average 100g of fish per day (roughly 1.5 servings) while the U.S. men consumed 7-13 grams of fish oil per day – about one serving per week. Moral of the story: stop procrastinating and get your fish oil.

2. Are you a smoker and thinking of having a family? Might want to consider something else besides nicotine patches as a study of over 400 women from the BMJ group found that they were ineffective.

3. With the movement for legalization of marijuana gaining traction, does marajuana make someone a bad parent?

I can see both sides to the argument. Does being high make a parent any less safe than someone who has consumed a few drinks of alcohol? I don’t know if either should be considered an “okay” thing. Children definitely shouldn’t be exposed to second hand smoke. Regardless.

4. Interesting read on how gross your toothbrush is and things you shouldn’t do to make it even more gross.

5. Spend too much time on the ole’ Facebook? Study finds that the more time teenage girls spend on Facebook the more likely they are to develop eating disorders. I guess it goes with the notion that the more time spend on Facebook, the more unhappy you are. Get off the book…

The Worst Health and Fitness News

1. Have you done this new drinking game?

The game is called nekonominate – and it’s growing in popularity around the globe and online. The game goes like this: you find a creative way to down as much alcohol as you can. Then you challenge someone else to do the game in twenty-four hours. Some of the creative ways include a woman riding a horse in a grocery store while drinking, a girl in a clad bathing suit downing alcohol, and a guy drinking liquor out of a toilet bowl. The list goes on and on.. Five deaths (on people under 30) are blamed on this game so far. I say it’s survival of the fittest…