The Best and Worst Health and Fitness News This Week

This week’s edition of the best and worst in health and fitness news. This week: paleo magic chili via Autoimmune Paleo, the best food journal websites, California receives an F for access to emergency care, and did you know that most types of cancer are preventable? All that and more.

Health and Fitness News Via The Blog World

Paleo Paleo Magic “Chili” via Autoimmune Paleo.

Blast from our past: The Best Food Journal Websites

The Best Health and Fitness News

1. Something most of us already know…

According to the Havard School of Public health the average American on the SAD (Standard American Diet) consumes on average twenty-two teaspoons of unnecessary sugar each day. Excess sugar is a risk factor for heart disease likely because of added inflammation and increased obesity.

2. Half of People Polled Don’t Know The Link Between Cancer and Diet

Forty-nine percent of Britons polled aren’t aware of the effects that diet has on the risks for cancer. A diet high in fruits in vegetables drastically cuts the risk for cancer despite the belief that cancer is primarily genetic. Being obese is also the second biggest modifiable risk factor to cancer behind smoking.


We all know the drawbacks and health risks that cigarettes bring to the table – in this day and age there really is no reason that anyone should smoke cigarettes with the amount of knowledge that is out there. CVS drug stores have made the decision altogether to stop selling any cigarettes inside their stores.

4. Didn’t you know – most types of cancer are preventable?

The Worst Health and Fitness News

1. California Gets F In Speedy Treatments In ER

America’s Emergency Care Environment gave California an F for speedy treatments when it comes to emergency departments. They also stated that the state has the fewest ER’s per capita in the nation and that wait times are too long. As a person who personally works in the emergency department I can attest to long wait times of six hours to see a doctor at times. This doesn’t strike me as an ER issue though.

Political correctness has its times and this is not one of them – the state has an overwhelming majority of immigrants and uninsured. Because they can’t see a primary care physician they use the ER instead.

The wait time to see a primary care physician can be weeks out sometimes. People want to see a doctor when they have a problem. So they turn to the ER…

Many primary care physician and pediatrician offices are closed on the weekend so where are people to go? They turn to the ER..

Despite what people see on television – a good number of cases are NOT emergencies but rather clinic type work.

Also, some people have to beg their primary care physician just to get a test. For some things it’s much easier just to go to the emergency room and get a complete workup. Cases such as these increases wait times even longer.

As Obamacare continues to sink in across the nation, primary care physician wait times are likely to increase even more – leading to even longer wait times in the emergency department.

What can you do?