The Best and Worst Health and Fitness News This Week

We’re back in action for the new year! I hope you enjoyed our reader stories while I was enjoying some time with my wife out in Hawaii. We’re getting things started with this week’s edition of the best and worst in health and fitness news. This week’s edition: chocolate scores another big win for you and your health, the first test to detect GMO made foods, another study showing how women benefit from weightlifting, the week’s Paleo recipe of the week, and more!

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The Best Health and Fitness News From The Week

1. Feel Blessed You Can Drink Milk

One thing I’ve never understood about the Paleo movement is the whole milk issue. Most people I know who happen to be on the Paleo diet happen to be that of European backgrounds. Europeans happen to be able to digest milk VERY well which isn’t the case for other people around the world. The reason why farmers in rapidly developed enzymes to break down milk remains much of a mystery – as it happened quite fast – only within the last 10,000 years or so. If you happen to be lactose intolerant, give cheese or yogurt a try. The fermentation process converts lactic acid into fats and makes them easier to digest.

2. Another Win For Chocolate and Wine

Another study came out linking the antioxidants found in chocolate, wine, and berries helped to lower insulin resistance – which is good news for those looking to prevent diabetes. The study also found that those with higher levels of the antioxidant compounds were less likely to have chronic inflammation. If you’re looking to add small amounts of chocolate to your diet stick with the dark (about 70% or higher) and unprocessed cocoa. Cocoa nibs are always a good idea too. Read more about the health benefits of chocolate here.

3. Scientists Detect First Comprehensive Test To Detect GMO Food

Who knows what the purpose of this test will be used for in the future but scientists have developed a test that can flag 97% of foods that are GMO.

4. Have You Tried The Blood Type Diet?

Scientists from the University of Toronto analyzed nearly 1500 individuals that follow the diet specific to their blood type. They found that the diet had no impact on overall health. Instead, overall health factors had everything to do with one’s ability to stick to a general healthy diet.

5. Women: Lift Those Weights

I’ve always loved when women skip the treadmill and move on to the weight rack instead. If you’re a woman and haven’t done so, here’s even more of a reason to skip that aerobic exercise: women who practice muscle-strengthening and conditioning reduce their risk of diabetes. A study of almost 100,000 women found that resistance exercise independently and significantly reduced the risk of diabetes even after adjusting for those who took part in aerobic activity.

The Worst In Health and Fitness News From This Week

Sometimes…we don’t come across any while scouring the web for things we think you might enjoy. Did you come across anything that earned the title of being under the worst in health and fitness news from this week? Leave a comment…

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