This story is from a YLB reader, Mike who has a huge fitness enthusiast. This is actually Mike’s second user story. A while ago he wrote a post on personal goal setting. Since we’re still just three weeks into 2014 (and I’m just getting back from some well deserved free time in Hawaii) Mike was nice enough to share with everyone how to make small changes that can have big results for your goals and why it’s important to keep from falling back into last year’s habits. Some reader stories contain general advice about health and personal development. Others can be examples of how a YLB reader achieved success or failure. Want to submit your own reader story?

It’s that time of year again!

Yep, the time when we all have to decide when we are going to start that wonderful life changing resolution we made for this year. I honestly got tired of year after year making a resolution that I had no intention of keeping. I didn’t make one last year; instead I made some plans near the end of the year for the progress I was going to make this year.

Recognize The Issue

My problem is probably similar to others in that I love food. I eat lots of food and in the past not necessarily all the good for you foods either. Yeah, I like junk food. I was raised on McDonalds, ice cream, cake, cookies, chips, and well, you get the drift….

Last year I wanted to get into real good shape for a change. I was trying to figure out the best way to start. I read this blog all the time. Doing so gave me some good pointers for best practices and especially what food is good and bad for you.
I have always worked out but my love of food has kept way too many extra pounds on me that I didn’t want. I realize that in today’s world we want everything to happen fast but I didn’t want to go on any starvation diet. I just started to make small improvements in food choices.

Start With Small Changes

One thing that started my weight loss was cutting out mayonnaise. Yes you can have a good sandwich without mayo. Mustard, lettuce, tomato, meat was a start. I started to eat more protein like cottage cheese instead of the bag of chips. I would eat an apple for a snack instead of the buttered popcorn or candy bars.

Soon, I started eating a burger without the bun. I had a bag of nuts to munch on in between meals. I started to drop pounds. I increased my cardio at the gym because I was feeling better about myself and the bathroom scale became my friend again.
I started this in April and by July of last year I got on the scale and I had lost 22 pounds!

My goal last year was reached and I didn’t have a next step in the process. I eventually fell back to my old habits and of course gained it all back.
This year will be different. I will start out the same, reach my weight goal, then proceed onto other goals I have set for myself in the gym. This way I will continually focus on the next step in my progress and not just shoot for a goal and have no future plans.

Discussion: How do you plan to keep from falling back into your bad habits and keep your good habits?

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