A New Year – New Goals For 2014

Alright, I’ll admit it. I hate the cliche of New Year’s Resolutions but so many of us seem to use this time of year to get our butt into gear and try to make positive changes in our lives. However, according to a Forbes article, only eight percent of people actually achieve their new years resolutions. On the flip side, according to Princeton, about half of us still make New Year’s Resolutions. So, why do so many of us fail at our goals?

Use The New Year To Shape Your Year

The dawn of the New Year is a great time to shape the rest of your year. For one reason, the time off for most people is a great way to get recharged before going into the New Year. Another reason is that bringing in the New Year is only about a week and a half out from the winter solstice. I am a big believer in using the seasons to start new goals.

Reason being? Each season lasts approximately ninety days or so. It’s sufficient amount of time to go hard and strong without getting burnt out. It’s also a sufficient amount of time to analyze how you’re coming along with your goal and what you need to do to get back on track or if you need to keep doing what you’re doing. My favorite part of using the season to start a new goal is that at the end of the ninety day period, I allow myself a good break to reanalyze, recharge, and form new goals. Taking a period of time for rest is important to keep your goals on track and to keep you from burning out.

Write Down Your New Year Goal

As one reader story points out, set a goal and stick to it! Don’t just try. Trying “means you are going to put a little effort into something and oh well…if it doesn’t work out no harm done, you tried.” The point? Do something a little more than just tell yourself you are going to try to accomplish something. Write down your goal. When you’re done writing it down, think of a plan of what you’re going to do. Then, give your goal to someone. People who write down their goals and have someone to hold them accountable for their goals are more likely to accomplish them.

Top Ten 2014 New Year’s Resolutions

So what are your 2014 New Year’s Resolutions? According to the University of Scranton Journal of Psychology the number one 2014 New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight. How about that? Number two is to get organized – time to write those goals down.

Coming in at number five is getting fit and staying healthy. Number seven is to quit smoking (maybe an e-cigarette will help).

If you’re looking to lose weight putting yourself accountable is one of the best things you can do. Know what you’re eating. Starting out with finding out how many calories you need is a good way to begin. Once you know that, use a food diary to help keep you accountable for your food choices. Here is a list of the top five food journal web sites.

If you’re one of those who is looking at more than just your diet and you’re wanting to get fit or get more active sometimes you just need to start somewhere. As for me – I’ll be doing the 2014 So. Cal Super Spartan after I had to unfortunately bow out of the race last year.

Your 2014 New Year’s Goals

So where do you fit in for your goals for 2014? Are you in the category that wants to eat better or get more in shape and be more active? Perhaps it’s a financial goal?

I have the 2014 Southern California Super Spartan I’m looking forward to. I also have big plans for working on this site – entailed in that is getting more organized by working on my time management. It’s something I’m horrible at and it’s something I’m sure my wife will also appreciate. I also have some non-related blog/fitness goals as well such as getting closer to becoming more financially free.

In the mean time for the next couple of weeks, I will be traveling to where I grew up – the Big Island of Hawaii to get some much deserved rest and relaxation before I start on my new goals for the new year. In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy a couple of guest blog posts I have lined up.

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