The Best and Worst Health and Fitness News This Week

Time for our week in Health and Fitness News. This week’s edition: this week’s Paleo recipe of the week, how to get back in gear if you let yourself go this holiday season, how to avoid peanut allergies for your children, McDonald’s getting in trouble with its McResource website, and more!

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The Paleo recipe of the week featuring the big yummy breakfast on a budget via Paleo On A Budget.

Blast from our past: Is holiday weight gain a myth?

The Best Health and Fitness News

1. Did You Let Yourself Go This Holiday Season?

Never fear. A daily bout of exercise can counter the harmful effects of short-term inactivity and overeating have on health according to the Journal of Physiology.

2. How To Avoid Peanut Allergies

The GMO crowd proposes that it’s the GMO peanuts that are to blame for the significant rise in peanut allergies in children over the last couple of decades. So, how can we avoid these peanut allergies? A study published in JAMA Pediatrics found that women who ate nuts and legumes during pregnancy lowered the risk of their child developing allergies to the food. Eat up. There’s many health benefits from them.

3. Why Do We Work So Hard?

There is definitely merit to the saying, work smarter, not harder. So yet, why do so many of us continue to work to climb the corporate ladder instead of investing in ways to have our money work for us? A new study from Finland found that more strain at work in middle age are linked to longer hospital stays later in life.

4. Surprising [Yet Obvious] Causes Of Winter Depression

With the lack of sunlight in northern parts of the hemisphere during the winter many people fall victim to seasonal affective disorder which causes depression. This lists some other things that make things worse. Some other tips: get some vitamin D and boost up on your zinc levels this time of year.

The Worst Health and Fitness News

1. McDonald’s Removes Employee Site

McDonald’s finally realized how out of touch their employee sponsored resource website came to be after an employee suggested that McDonald’s was in fact, not a healthy dining choice. Apparently the employee posted a picture of a cheeseburger, fries, and soft-drink labeled as “Unhealthy Choice” next to a picture of a sub, a salad, and water with the caption, “Healthier Choice.” McDonalds has since taken down its McResource site. I guess they had a problem with employees stating the obvious.

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