It has been nearly a year since I’ve started this website and it all started out of the simple frustration of working a traditional healthcare job. In my daily experiences I come across countless patients who could make such big improvements in their life by taking making simple lifestyle changes through diet and nutrition. For me it has been a year of growth developing this website and in addition to that I’ve also become part of the Primal Docs Network. Looking forward to the next year I have nothing but plans to dedicate more time to this site and in addition to that I’ve been selected to write for Natural News. In case you missed them, here are the ten most popular health topics I wrote about this year.

The Most Popular Health Topics In 2013

1. Fish Oil Rancidity

Omega-3 is an important part of our diet and necessary for certain cell functions. One way most people attempt to get extra fish oil is through omega-3 fish oil supplements. However, one thing that nobody talks about is fish oil supplement rancidity. The organization Consumer Reports analyzed major fish oil supplements and other various studies have shown that many on the market fish oil tablets are rancid and have no effect on your body. Read up to see if your fish oil pills might be rancid.

2. Do You Enjoy Cooking With Gasoline?

Our first post ever still continues to be a popular one. Non-stick cooking sprays such as PAM are popular yet full of toxic ingredients. Read up onwhat’s inside PAM cooking spray. Likewise for it’s “healthier” alternative, Smart Balance Cooking Spray.

3. Are You Bad At Squats?

Squats aren’t an easy exercise to master. We can have all sorts of issues with our hips that prevent us from doing squats properly or we can have a variety of other issues that can lead to severe injuries when it comes to trying to perform this movement. Here are six simple reasons you might be bad at squats. Chances are you have at least one of the reasons.

4. Are Strawberries Healthy?

Each spring here in San Diego the Carlsbad Strawberry Fields open up their land to the public for strawberry picking. It’s a fun way to go and load up on fresh strawberries and enjoy all the health benefits that strawberries offer.

5. How To Master The Pistol Squat

As if regular squats weren’t difficult enough, along came the pistol squat aka the single leg squat. The pistol squat is a great way to build leg strength and correct muscle imbalances on the some two hundred muscles that it takes to perform a squat.

6. The Health Of E-Cigarettes

Over the last several years the use of E-Cigarettes has been gaining in popularity as a healthier alternative to traditional smoking. It’s without controversy though as locally where I’m from the City of Vista has banned the use of E-Cigarettes in public places and the City of San Diego is looking of doing the same. The FDA is also looking into regulation of the devices. So how do E-Cigarettes stack up health wise? Well the research is very new and very limited but it’s looking as if they’re clearly the better option than traditional smoking but they’re not without their own health drawbacks.

7. Is Smart Balance Cooking Spray Healthy?

Other alternatives are showing up on supermarket shelves to replace PAM Cooking Spray but are they any different? We took a look a popular competitor and broke down the ingredient list of Smart Balance Cooking Spray.

8. How To Do A Towel Fly

The second workout of the month to make it on our list of popular health topics was the towel fly. The towel fly is a great bodyweight/chest exercise to throw into your exercise list. It’s a great way to activate core muscles and build your chest strength that can help with other exercises such as the bench press.

9. Omega-3 vs. Omega-6

Which one is better? The standard american diet gets way too much in the way of omega-6 fatty acids which in high amounts can be inflammatory and increase your risk for heart disease. Omega-3 on the other hand can help thin your blood and decrease inflammation. Both are still necessary for cell development. Find out which you need and why in omega-3 vs. omega-6.

10. Is Chocolate Healthy?

Topping out our list of the top ten popular health topics of 2013 is the health benefits of chocolate. Chocolate can be very nutrient dense if not packaged full of all the processed additives. There is a follow up to the health benefits of chocolate that breaks down the kinds of chocolate you should look for to buy.

I hope you enjoyed our top ten list of popular health topics from this year. I want to send out a thanks to all the readers, guest posters, and commenters. Without you this would be impossible. If you have any questions, contact us and as a reminder, please send us your own personal health story and we are always accepting guest blogging posts.

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