Camp Pendleton Mud Run Results

The Camp Pendleton Mud Run has come and gone. If you have been keeping up with the posts you’re in the know that because of a Living Social discount, I signed up for the Camp Pendleton Mud Run with only about four weeks of training to do for the race. To make things interesting I also wanted to see how much money I could raise to benefit the American Diabetes Association. I didn’t come anywhere close to my goal or have quite as many donations as I wanted but I want to say a special thank you to those people who contributed.

Here’s a breakdown of the final two weeks of my mud run training:
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I was averaging about one run every five days or so. Each run I would increase the race time to my max distance of about ten miles. The ten mile run was done exactly one week before the race date. From that point I scaled down my running distance in order to not over exert myself before the race. The last run that I did was a smaller run on Friday prior to the race day which was on Sunday. This is all the running I did a couple weeks before the race. The only other training of mine consisted of circuit training and foam rolling/stretching to keep the hips and legs loose for the mud run.

Camp Pendleton Mud Run, How to train for a racecamp pendleton mud run, how to train for a race

Mud Run Race Results
I ended up completing the course in just over one hour and thirteen minutes. My goal was to do the course in under an hour but that was a no go. With just flat running that might’ve been possible but with three miles of running uphill and with all the obstacles that goal of finishing the race in sixty minutes didn’t happen. With all that said, I’m still happy with my race time. Out of my age group I came in 37th out of 209 other 30-34 year olds – so not too shabby. My next race is going to be the So Cal Super Spartan coming up in January 2014. Until then I’ll be giving my knees a break!

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