Happy Easter to all of the YLB followers out there! Whether you celebrate Easter or not, at one point you’ve probably wondered – are eggs healthy? Enjoy one of the many benefits that an egg has to offer today. For those without heart disease or diabetes eggs have actually been shown to not have an increase in your blood cholesterol (as long as you don’t eat a whole 18-pack). Even with heart disease, as long as your diet includes moderate amounts of fiber and you eliminate the McDonalds and Taco Bell from your diet, you should have no problem with an egg. If you have been enjoying our content that we’ve been posting over the last couple of months that we’ve been around, help us spread the word. Save the picture and send it out as a “Happy Easter” email to all of your friends. Also, give our Facebook a like to catch health and fitness updates that we don’t regularly post on here.

Have a good weekend!