Take sixty seconds to watch this quick clip from The Pursuit of Happiness featuring Will Smith.

Change Your Attitude

For those that haven’t seen this movie or even heard of this story it highlights the struggles of a gentleman named Chris Gardner. To sum it up in short Mr. Gardner had a failed business that bankrupted his family. Gardner’s wife ends up leaving him and their son in San Francisco and he ends up homeless while he struggles to find success in his life. In the end he eventually finds it. Not because anyone else gave him any handouts along the way but because his drive and his “why” was strong enough for him to keep through the tough times and create his own way out.

This clip says a lot about character and what kind of attitude one has. I present two options (more of questions, really): Do you have the kind of attitude where if you’re struggling with a problem you look for your own way to create a solution for it? Or are you the other kind of person where you sit back and look for other people to create solutions for you while you come up with excuses as to why you can’t? Do you think that if Gardner had taken option two where his drive was dampened by people giving him handouts that he would have built a multi-million dollar company of his own?

What are your goals and what is your why? Success can take on many meanings. Whether it’s trying to lose weight, lower your cholesterol levels, build endurance, or reach financial benchmarks, picking the second option is no friend of success. Make your goals clear and put them on paper. Give yourself a specific amount of time you would like to accomplish that by. Once you come up with your goal think of the small things you can do each day that gets you closer to that goal. Make your reason “why” strong. You will hit road blocks. Things will be tough. You will have distractions and you may even be knocked off your path at least a few times. Your “why” needs to be strong enough to keep you on track during those tough times.

So, think about the kind of person you want to be and the kind of attitude you want to have. It will determine where you end up.

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