There can be many causes of gallbladder problems. Symptoms can ranch from simple nausea and abdominal pain to severe infections

that in worst case scenario can lead to death. After having a gallbladder removed many people will have to make dietary changes. Many people still wonder if they’re able to eat a diet similar to Paleo (higher in fats and protein) after having their gallbladder removed. This gallbladder guide walks you through understanding the small but useful organ. We also went answer the common question: can I still eat Paleo after removal of the gallbladder?

Understanding The Gallbladder

paleo gallstone guide

Here is an example of a severe case of gallstones in a removed gallbladder.

The gallbladder is a small and simple organ found in the right upper side of the abdomen. A significant amount of people each year are diagnosed with gallbladder problems. Gallbladder issues can be a minor annoyance, cause surgery, or in worst case scenario cause death. Under perfectly normal conditions, the gallbladder is responsible for aiding in the digestion of food. This post is a simple and straight forward introduction to how the gallbladder works, the functions of the gallbladder, and why the gallbladder is important.

What Causes Gallstones?

Gallstones are responsible for the majority of issues than cause gallbladder problems. This post is a great introduction on what can happen to the gallbladder when gallstones are present. In some cases, nothing in other cases, severe infections and even death. Also included in this article are signs someone might be having gallstones and how gallstones are diagnosed.

Causes, Risk Factors, and Prevention of Gallstones

If you’ve ever had gallbladder issues you might be curious about what could have possibly caused them. This is an excellent overview of things that can cause and contribute to gallstones. Some risk factors can’t be changed but on the other hand there are several things that can be done to prevent gallstones. You can also find out if you may be at risk for developing gallstones and if high fat diets really cause gallstones.

Is Surgery The Only Treatment Option For Gallstones?

Surgery is not the only medical treatment for gallstones. Some people may be surprised to learn that fact. There are instances when gallstones can cause no symptoms at all and can be managed with medications. This would be a good place to start for those interested in gallstone treatment options.

Can People Still Eat Paleo After A Gallbladder Is Removed?

After the gallbladder is removed changes to the gallbladder usually need to be made. Because of that, the question people still want to know and one of the most popular posts from this series: is it still possible to eat Paleo after having a gallbladder removed. This post addresses the concerns of eating a higher fat diet without having a gallbladder to help digest fats.