This has been the third year since I’ve started this blog and it all started out of the simple frustration of working a traditional healthcare job. In my daily experiences I come across countless patients who could make such big improvements in their life by taking making simple lifestyle changes through diet and nutrition. This site has continued to grow in popularity and I thank you all for that and everyone who stops by and regularly visits reads by blog. We had some very popular posts this year and in case you missed them, here are some of the most popular health topics from the past year.

The Most Popular Health Topics From The Last Year

1. How Soon Should You Return To Physical Activity After Rhabdomyolysis

With the rise in boot camp and Crossfit style workouts, along with it has been coming a rise in rhabdomyolysis. If you’ve ever had rhabdo, you know just how much of a setback it can be physically. Unfortunately, there’s not much information out there about what to do AFTER you’ve had rhabdo. Until this post came along. This has been the most popular topic of the year – helping provide people information on how soon people should return to physical activity after getting rhabdomyolysis.

2. How To Use A Stairmaster Properly

I’m not the biggest fan of Stairmaster’s but they can be useful! Some people just do the weirdest things on them…

3. How To Read Your Blood Tests

Ever been curious what those blood tests mean that you get at your doctor each year (or should have each year)? Well this post well tell you the difference between a CMP, a BMP, and what all those LFT’s mean.

4. How To Prevent Rhabdomyolysis In Athletes

Once you get rhabdomyolysis, it’s one thing to get back to your normal physical self. But how do you prevent it in the first place? This guide will help you steer clear of having to deal with rhabdo.

5. Understanding Exertional Rhabdomyolysis In Athletes

Still confused what rhabdo even is? It was a pretty popular series on the blog this year. Maybe you should keep up with our blog on a regular basis. Or check out this little guide explaining what exactly rhabdo is.

6. Reliving Spine Pressure With The Chin Up Bar Spine Stretch

Each month we feature a workout of the month where I’ll talk about a specific exercise, breakdown a movement, or talk about something exercise related. This post took a look at a type of movement everyone should do: the chin up bar stretch and how relaxing it can be by stretching out the vertebrae.

7. What Is Food Grade Beeswax

In addition to posting a workout of the month, I also often do What’s In My Food posts where I’ll go in depth about certain food topics. Ever curious why your fruits in the supermarket are so shiny? It’s because of something called food grade beesax. You can find out more about it and if it’s even good for you.

8. 2014-2015 Flu Vaccine Information

The flu vaccine is in my opinion one of the most controversial vaccines. Last year in particular was an interesting year for the flu vaccine as it was just around twenty-five percent effective at preventing the flu.

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