Thirty days ago my wife and I decided to take on the

Things I Learned From The Whole 30 Diet

If you’re not familiar with The Whole 30 Diet, it’s basically an entire thirty days of clean eating. There’s not really any calorie restrictions but what’s off limits is: alcohol, legumes, sweeteners, anything with added sugars, all grains, and dairy This isn’t the first time I’ve done a diet similar to this – I’ve gone strict Paleo multiple times but this is the first time my wife has joined me and the first time I’ve cut out sweeteners that have included honey.

For the most part I eat a diet that probably resembles an 80/20 Paleo – my problem is binge eating. For example, if there’s a day at work that’s incredibly stressful and someone just so happens to bring in chewy, warm chocolate chip cookies, I can’t eat just five…

Anyway, here are a few things I’ve learned while successfully completing The Whole 30 Diet.

I’ve Got More Energy Than Ever

Reflecting back to before I started The Whole 30, I noticed a couple things – I’ve got a lot more energy now than I did beforehand. I’ve also noticed that my energy levels are more consistent throughout throughout the day. There’s no more afternoon lethargy.

According To My Wife: I no Longer Snore

For one reason or another, I’m no longer snoring. I also wake up feeling a lot more refreshed. I’m not sure what the exact reason is. I plan on doing the reintroduction of foods to see if there’s any specific food that triggers it. I’ll find out.

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My Coffee Sucked

This year one of my goals was to give up Splenda. It’s just . I know what you’re thinking – for someone who is so in tune with nutrition, why would I be sweetening my coffee like that? Well, over the course of a couple months, I finally had my coffee down to just creamer but what I’ve never been a fan of was dark coffee. That would have to change on this. I wasn’t going to give up coffee for thirty days so when I went straight to black coffee I thought it was horrible. Then I changed the coffee beans and it was then I realized that the quality of the bean truly makes a huge difference. I prefer a lighter roast so anything dark was just too strong in taste. Plus, there’s a higher caffeine content in light roasts as well as more of an antioxidant load.

On a side note: I attempted the whole coffee with clarified butter thing – not a fan. What I did enjoy was adding a tiny amount of coconut cream to help balance out the flavor. Splenda, you are now a thing of the past.

Getting By On Fruits Alone Is Just Not Enough – For The Active Individual

I work out quite a bit. I also work twelve hour shifts in the emergency room in addition to running this blog. Getting by on fruit for an energy supply wasn’t enough. Normally, I’d have oatmeal but under The Whole 30 that wasn’t an option. What I did in it’s place was have half of a sweet potato with a protein shake before I left the house in the mornings before work or before the gym. Later on in the mornings or after working out I’d have eggs with half a white potato. That was enough to sustain my energy levels through the day.

The Whole 30 is a diet that’s typically viewed upon as a weight loss diet. My intentions were to try to maintain as much muscle mass as possible while having fat loss. As an active individual, potatoes were needed in order to sustain my energy levels throughout the day. I also supplemented my diet with protein powder as I had normally done before I started The Whole 30. Which brings me to my next point….

Egg Protein Is Horrid – Absolutely Horrid

I supplement my protein intake with protein powder. By doing The Whole 30 Diet it meant that I would have to say goodbye to whey protein. I replaced it with pure egg protein which was horrible. I hope I never have to have another egg protein shake again. The taste is horrible, the rate of absorption for egg protein is slower, and you need a lot more of it. Needless to say, this is one thing I will not miss.

Overall my experience on The Whole 30 was awesome. I’d recommend an elimination diet like this to just about anyone. My next step is to follow their recommended reintroduction plan to pinpoint and see if any food is bothersome to me. Stay tuned…