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Health and Fitness News – The Best and Worst From This Week


The Best and Worst Health and Fitness News This Week

Time for our week in Health and Fitness News. This week’s edition: seven ways to beat sugar cravings this holiday season, dark chocolate holiday button cookies, an apple a day as good as a statin a day, are multivitamins a waste of money, and more!

Health and Fitness News Via The Blog World

Are we getting less in touch with the world around us? This woman might think so after she Seven Ways To Beat Sugar Cravings This Holiday Season. And via us: Six Ways To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain and Is Holiday Weight Gain A Myth?

Paleo Recipe Of The Week via Primal Bliss Nutrition: Dark Chocolate Orange Holiday Button Cookies

The Best Health and Fitness News This Week

1. An Apple A Day As Good As A Statin A Day
I’ve grown to hate Statins and I would never take a Statin to reduce the risk of a cardiovascular event. A study from the BMJ found that when comparing the reduction in mortality from taking a Statin every day (with at least 70% compliance) versus eating an apple every day the apple had an equivalent effect on lowering LDL cholesterol. Why take a Statin with so many side effects when diet and exercise can have equal if not better results?

2. Older Women Spend Ten Hours A Day Sedentary

An interesting study found that older women (with an average age of 71) spent 9.7 hours of their day sedentary. It’s interesting because a lack of movement when older can increase the risk of adverse health outcomes. The thing was this study that the women only wore their accelerometers while they were awake which was an average of 14 hours per day. So factor in the sleeping periods and the time spent sedentary is close to 20 hours a day.

3. This Doctor Finally Gets It…

After having performed over five thousand open heart surgeries a “world renowned” heart surgeon speaks out and says that the problem is not cholesterol it’s inflammation from our low fat high carbohydrate diets.

4. Chickens Contain Superbug Bacteria

The negative effects of feeding our livestock antibiotic laden food are starting to emerge as we are now finding out that it does more harm than good – who would’ve thought? We’re now shifting to a time in healthcare where we will have antibiotics that are useless and it all started with the overuse of antibiotics.

The Worst Health and Fitness News This Week

1. Multivitamins Are A Waste Of Money

This is according to an editorial out of the Annals of Internal Medicine – and I tend to agree with them, somewhat. You have to be careful about what supplements you buy and you have to realize that a good percentage of the supplement you’re taking will not be absorbed. “People would be better off spending money on healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, low-fat dairy, and getting exercise.” And again, I tend to agree. Too many people look for a nutritional quick fix yet don’t do all the other things that they should be doing. Fred Flintstone isn’t going to fix that. On the other hand, what is the real motivation behind this study? Can we trust the same sort of MD’s that are pushing us to increase Statin use and expand the vaccination of the flu shot? What about athletes? What about things aside from the overall health such as enzyme activity and metabolism in the body?

This is a rebuttal to this story.

2. In other news….doctors performed a c-section on a woman who wasn’t pregnant.

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  • charles grashow

    With regard to #3 – After having performed over five thousand open heart surgeries a “world renowned” heart surgeon speaks out and says that the problem is not cholesterol it’s inflammation from our low fat high carbohydrate diets

    Professional Misconduct (11/14/2008)
    Action Taken: Revocation
    Allegation of Complaint: Dr. Dwight Carl Lundell; License # 6960

    Nature of Complaint:

    The board established that the physician failed to maintain adequate medical records in the physician’s operative report of a patient. The physician also failed to cool the patient’s anterior wall which was harmful to the patient’s health and resulted in the death of the patient. The board also established that another patient died as a result of the physician’s failure to order blood type and cross match the patient and obtain O-negative blood prior to proceeding with surgery. The physician also failed to initiate insulin infusion during another patient’s surgery and monitor the patient’s sternal wound closely after the physician saw evidence of infection. The board also took into consideration the physician’s ten year disciplinary history with the board.

    Action Taken:

    The board has Revoked the physician’s license to practice allopathic medicine in the State of Arizona and shall pay hearing administrative costs.
    State: Arizona

    Between 2000 and 2008, Lundell was subjected to five regulatory actions by the Arizona Medical Board:

    In 2000, the board concluded that his postoperative management of a patient who died following carotid artery surgery was substandard and insufficiently documented. He was censured for unprofessional conduct, assessed a $2,500 civil penalty, and placed on probation during which he was required to take continuing medical education courses in carotid artery surgery and medical recordkeeping. He was also required to submit to monitoring of his patient records [4].

    In 2003, the board noted that 13 out of 20 charts reviewed by the consultant were deficient because they did not include adequate initial evaluations of the patients. Lundell was censured again and was placed on probation that included quarterly chart reviews [5].

    In 2004, the board found fault with his management of two patients and concluded that his records for these patients were inadequate. He was reprimanded and ordered to serve two more years of probation, during which he was required to undergo an extensive evaluation of his fitness to continue practicing medicine [6].

    In 2006, the board sent him an advisory letter for failure to maintain adequate records and for a technical surgical error [7].

    In 2008, the board reviewed Lundell’s management of several more patients and revoked his medical license. The board’s order indicated that the board began investigating his care of seven patients after the Banner Desert Medical Hospital suspended Lundell’s surgical privileges [7].

    Lundell also ran into considerable difficulty in his nonmedical affairs. Although the full records are not readily available, documents I found on the Internet indicate the following:

    In 1990 Lundell filed for bankruptcy. At that time, there were several lawsuits pending in state court on the theory that he was a partner in a construction business called West Coast Construction in which he had invested. I don’t know the outcome of these suits, but he ultimately wound up owing at least $20 million dollars.

    In 2005, he again filed for bankruptcy, claiming to have assets of $12,990 and liabilities of $20,185,769.60. The liabilities included $74,264.77 in credit card debts, $78,932.48 for accounting services, the $20 million debt related to the previous bankruptcy, and “unknown amounts” of state and federal taxes owed. The financial statement also listed his earnings as $0 for 2005, $0 for $2004, and $288,436 for 2003 [8].

    In 2004, Lundell leaded guilty in federal court to three counts of willful failure to file income tax returns. A newspaper report indicates that he had become a client of “tax protestor” Wayne C. Bentson after a long-running dispute with the IRS and that rather than filing tax returns from 1992 to 1996, Lundell had filed affidavits contesting the government’s right to levy taxes [9]. In 2005, Lundell was sentenced to three years’ probation, but the probation was terminated after 16 months. Bentson was ordered to pay $1,129,937 to the Internal Revenue Service and was sentenced to four years in prison, to be followed by three years of supervised release [10].

    SO – why should anyone believe him??

  • Thanks for stopping by and thanks for sharing that. While I wouldn’t look to have my heart operated on by him anytime in the near future inflammation is a HUGE part of atherosclerosis and the SAD does contain quite a few contributing factors to that.



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