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    Your Living Body is the perspective of an emergency room nurse on the current state of health, fitness, and nutrition.

    Visit the blog to discover practical and simple health tips that can have a tremendous effect on your life. Get caught up now.

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Fresh Off The Press:

  • September’s Best Recipes

    September’s Best Recipes

    Being a healthcare professional I end up doing a lot of reading to keep up with some of the latest research and healthcare trends. Some of the stuff I come across is pretty nitty gritty and full of physiology but some of it is pretty light and fun. I’m an avid blog follower and I […]Read More »
  • How Can PAM Olive Oil Spray Be Zero Calories?

    How Can PAM Olive Oil Spray Be Zero Calories?

    It doesn’t take a scholar to figure out that olive oil is fat. So why then on one nutrition label will 100% olive oil contain nine calories per gram while on another food label such as, PAM Olive Oil Spray, be zero fat and zero calories? The answer may surprise you and it is one […]Read More »
  • The United States Is Still Getting  Fatter

    The United States Is Still Getting Fatter

    Guess what – we’re still getting fatter. According to new data from the Center For Disease Control (CDC) the United States is still getting fatter and for many states, obesity rates are still holding steady. So what’s going on? (more…)Read More »

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About The Author

Matt Shaffer is a Registered Nurse and licensed Public Health Nurse with several years of experience working with patients suffering from chronic diseases. It is my personal belief that health care as a whole needs to do a better job at working with people to prevent diseases rather than just provide medications as a solution to illness.

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