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  • What I Learned By Going Vegan For Twenty-One Days

    What I Learned By Going Vegan For Twenty-One Days

    Just how bad was going vegan for twenty-one days? As someone who eats primarily Paleo, it was more than just a learning experience. I didn’t know if I could honestly get through it. But I did. I even learned that Paleo people are kind of annoying. Find out what else I learned. What I Learned […]Read More »
  • I’m Back – And does it feel better than ever!

    I’m Back – And does it feel better than ever!

    You might have noticed that I’ve been missing in action for a while – facing a pending divorce will do that to a person. For those of you who have been down this road and are currently going down this road, it sucks doesn’t it? It’s time consuming, emotionally and mentally draining, and quite honestly, […]Read More »
  • It sucks when someone hacks your website….

    It sucks when someone hacks into your website and installs a code into your site that sends you to some stupid Russian site. For anyone who has visited to the site over the last two weeks, I apologize about that. It was frustrating on my end in how to deal with that. I also had […]Read More »
  • The Most Popular Health Topics Of The Year

    This has been the third year since I’ve started this blog and it all started out of the simple frustration of working a traditional healthcare job. In my daily experiences I come across countless patients who could make such big improvements in their life by taking making simple lifestyle changes through diet and nutrition. This […]Read More »

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Matt Shaffer is a Registered Nurse and licensed Public Health Nurse with several years of experience working with patients suffering from chronic diseases. It is my personal belief that health care as a whole needs to do a better job at working with people to prevent diseases rather than just provide medications as a solution to illness.

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